30mm TiiTan block

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30mm TiiTan block

Product Code: CH0265


30mm TiiTAN block, the lightest and strongest 30mm ball bearing pulley on the market.

This block comes in 30% lighter then the 30mm extreme high load block.


Key Features:

  • Weighs only 28grams. 30% lighter than A2030XHL.
  • 1250Kg Breaking load.
  • Lightweight titanium sheave.
  • Ceramic ball bearings for faster rolling speeds.
  • Extremely high loading aluminium side cheeks.


The TiiTAN bearing system is one of a kind. Featuring twin rows of ceramic ball bearings running on a stainless-steel axle gives the titanium sheave unmatched rolling speeds. Ceramic ball bearings also offer the added benefit of reduced friction in salt water, when compared to stainless steel bearings.

A key feature within the TiiTAN bearing system is the precision plain bearing washer. When the TiiTAN is exposed to extreme static loads, which would normally cause damage to the internal bearing system, it changes to a plain bearing block. Stopping the ball bearings from getting damaged and thus no longer performing as designed. As soon as the static load is reduced the TiiTAN returns to a high-performing dynamic block.

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