Moth Curved boom – Complete

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Moth Curved boom

Product Code: CS1026


Moth Curved boom complete with fittings. Includes :

– Newstyle anodised, sliding outhaul fitting

– Newstyle vang lever

– Anodised vang and mainsheet attachments


Some of the key features of the new boom are :

  • Narrower, double tapered section puts the stiffness where it’s needed while minimizing weight and aero profile – 10mm narrower at the front to hide behind the mast and minimize distortion of the sail
  • Further optimized laminate to reduce weight while maintaining vertical stiffness – 400g lighter than our current production moth boom
  • Curved shape adds additional clearance under the back end of the boom, 20mm more clearance than the current boom layout.
  • All metal gooseneck joint that won’t wear out or bend the bolt.



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